Who doesn’t enjoy great food?  There are a number of popular tasty cuisines to choose from all over the world.  And who wouldn’t love to eat pasta or pizza?  Italian cuisine is undeniably part of every city around the world in the form of a pizza or pasta restaurant.  However, there is so much more to Italian cuisine than what is seen everywhere.  Spaghetti, ravioli and lasagna are simply the tip of the iceberg compared to what truly is Italian cooking.  For a true taste and feel of the Italian cuisine, here is a list of some of the most recommended restaurants that every traveler shouldn’t miss in the capital city of Italy, Rome:           

            Alvarro al Circo Massimo This restaurant has a very homey and inviting ambiance.  Its environment is relaxed and comfortable and its staff is also friendly and welcoming.  The specialties of the house are tagliolini with truffles and roasted turbot with potatoes. 

            Antico Arco  Antico Arco attracts food lovers both locals and tourists with its unique culinary styles. The charming setting and friendly ambiance is very inviting to customers.  The menu varies with regards to the seasons.  The chocolate soufflé with a molten chocolate center, Castelmagno, and duck breast in raspberry sauce are popular favorites. 

            Dal Bolognese  This is one of those rare, chic dining spots with food that is popular to young actors, models, and artists.  Misto di pasta: four pastas, each with a different sauce, which is arranged in one plate, is highly recommended.  For the main course, the specialties of the house are lasagne verde and tagliatelle alla bolognese. 

            Il Bacaro  This restaurant is popular for its tasty cheese.  The menu of this restaurant has been tested through out time for having flavorful offerings.  Some of its specialties are Carpaccio of smoked grouper in a tomato sauce with fresh oregano, swordfish roulades stuffed with shrimp, radicchio, and zucchini, or filet of beef in a fresh basil sauce.  Pastas are also tasty and the combinations are inventive.  An example is their spaghetti with shrimp, pumpkin flowers, saffron, and coriander. 

            Il Convivio Troiani  As one of the best restaurants in Rome, Il Convivio Troiani maintains a high standard for its cuisine and service.  Aubergine Roulade with cod, grapes and pine kernels; pumpkin flowers with porcini; and pigeon with lentils and Kumquat are examples of what’s in their menu.  For desserts, they have cream soufflé with almonds and plums flavored with orange accompanied by a hot chocolate sauce or the Semifreddo Zabaglione with balsamic vinegar and warm fruit. 

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